Important information for Parents

This part of our website is intended to inform our parents and help you keep on top of what’s happening at Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Hoani Waititi Marae.


The weekly Panui-a-Kura will be published every Thursday. This panui will contain all the important information that parents and whanau will need to know about for the upcoming week. The Panui-a-Kura will be sent via email, Kura app, Kura Facebook pages and the ‘News&Stories’ area of the Kura website.

If you wish to sign up to the Kura app, Kura Facebok page and email chain, please see Whaea Jaimee at the Kura tari.

NOTE: The Kura Facebook pages and the Kura app are strictly for teachers, parents, kaitiaki and whanau of the Kura tauira.

Whānau Commitment

Kura Kaupapa Māori is whānau driven, and you play an integral part in the success of this kaupapa. In order for the school to run smoothly your active participation is necessary.

We have outlined what is expected of each whānau:

1) Te Reo Māori will be the language of communication on all Kura haerenga

2) All whānau must attend one Aho Matua wānanga per year

3) Non-speakers of te reo Māori are expected to join the weekly Ataarangi classes held here at the marae

4) One member from each whānau must join one of the following ohu: Finance, Personnel, Property, Health & Safety, Curriculum, Technology, Kapa Haka, Fundraising or Sport

5) One member from each whānau must attend monthly whānau hui

6) All parents will be allocated to a working group and will be rostered to help at wānanga and school fundraisers

Key Information and Policies

Be sure to check our Information page for key downloads, policies, and more: